About Us

Why did we start HABBITT?

HABBITT was formed during the covid 19 epidemic, we saw the need for a subscription based buying service. We as humans tend to avoid situations of high risk and routine shopping exposes us to germs, potential of theft and is a large consumption of time in our daily schedules. If we are buying the same items repetitively then why not CUE, ROUTINE and REWARD ourselves? In short we say lets HABBITT it!

The HABBITT promise?

HABBITT is the first subscription only based platform in the country where we try and bring affordable deals monthly to clients! We guarantee that prices will never go up for the duration of the subscription order but down.

The HABBITT loyalty programme?

Unlike most online stores we reward our clients for their loyal support, every subscription based order guarantees better pricing on the next order.

The HABBITT team?

The HABBITT team is made up of a team of exceptionally dedicated people whom have used their expertise through year of expereince in the acconting, purchasing and engineering field to bring you products thats are correctly prices for your pocket.

Habbitt Infographic Loyalty Program

Habbitt Infographic Loyalty Program
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